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Saddle-Borne Lessons CD

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14 Cowboy Poems by Rik Goodell

Hear a sample from Saddle-Borne Lessons.

Poem: Moose Ropin’

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Rik “Yonder” Goodell’s second CD, is a collection of stories in rhyme that are a mix of humor, wit, proverbs and wisdom; all with a cowboy or western slant. These are front-porch-rockin’ tales about reminiscing, gratitude, romance and ‘how-to-get-there-from-here’. They are distilled from Rik’s own life experiences, collected by sweat, tears, mistakes, blessings and joy along the trails of his more than seven decades. When you listen to these poems for the second, third of fourth time, you might hear a new twist or second interpretation. “The Wise And The Quick” holds a dear place in our hearts as the “launch” poem. Rik had been writing for decades but hadn’t done much with his poems beyond sticking them in the back of his socks drawer. When this poem was published by The Bar-D ranch for Cowboy Poetry Week in April of 2020 it prodded Yonder to step-up and seriously pursue and publish his poetry. Putting this album together has been a wonderful, satisfying journey that we are now delighted to share with our friends. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to, and maybe learning a little something from, “Saddle-Borne Lessons” many times over.

  1. Moose Ropin’
  2. Trailin’ Friendships
  3. Gift From A Lusty Holstein
  4. Lefty’s Memorial
  5. Becomin’ Papa
  6. A Couple Of Three
  7. Hearing Gratitude
  8. The Wise And The Quick
  9. Greenhorn MacKenzie
  10. Forever Began When I met You
  11. Out Of Nowhere
  12. Grace On The Range
  13. Lessons From Grandad’s Barn
  14. Gittin’ After It


Reviews 2

2 reviews for Saddle-Borne Lessons CD

  1. Bob & Barb Willard

    Don’t know how it’s possible, but think his 2nd CD (Saddle-Born Lessons) is even better than his first. They make great listening on a road trip. Really liked “Becomin’ Papa” on this disc.

  2. yonderm8

    In the Winter Issue, 2023, of The Western Way Magazine, Rick Huff wrote the following review of two CDS’s:
    “Why We Cowboy” & “SaddleBorne Lessons” ….
    [Yonder’s] poems come off as being
    accurate, authentic and exceptionally
    well crafted. Then there is his delivery
    to consider. Goodell’s experience as
    an actor serves him well. I have to say
    he is one of the best interpreters of
    verse I have ever encountered.
    Frankly I am hard-pressed to name
    specific “picks” from among his
    gems, but I’ll try. First from “Why We
    Cowboy” we’ll choose the title track,
    “”Ridin’ For The Brand,” “Campfire
    Schoolin,’” “Die First Then Quit,”
    “The Cowboy Way” and “Handles &
    Horse Thieves.” Then from “SaddleBorne Tales:” “Moose Ropin’,” “Gift
    From A Lusty Holstein,” “Hearing
    Gratitude” and the double-meaning
    parable “The Wide and The Quick.”
    His CD “Why We Cowboy” contains
    an annotated booklet providing
    backstories for that album’s works.
    The other album offers no such guide.
    Maybe Goodell took his own Harleyinspired advice “if I have to explain,
    you wouldn’t understand!” But all
    together, Goodell and his works are
    a cut above in all departments. Both
    CDs have fourteen tracks, both are
    very highly recommended.

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