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Provin’ Up Wise CD


16 Cowboy Poems by Rik Goodell

Hear a sample from Provin’ Up Wise.

Poem: Ol’ Sticky

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Yonder is a rhyming raconteur, a campfire, cowboy storyteller and a metered minstrel. “Provin’ Up Wise” is an entertaining, delightful collection of just that; stories of ranch kids (real and wannabe) cowboy courtin’ and cowboy philosophy, attitudes of gratitude, humility, romance, life and death. There’s even a special track here of a cowgirl poem, written from a lady’s perspective and recited by Rik’s wife, Audrey. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile and might even get your heart skippin’ a beat or find an eye starting to leak.

  1. Seein’ Gratitude
  2. My First Horse
  3. I’m Just Not Sure
  4. Daddy’s Blessings
  5. Chuck Wagon Home
  6. Mellowed By Time
  7. Proposin’ to a PK
  8. Wanna’ Cowboy Do Ya’?
  9. Cowboyin’ On a Dime
  10. Filly Catchin’
  11. Sendin’ Cooper Home
  12. Old Glory’s Story
  13. Provin’ Up Wise
  14. Wastin’ A Worry
  15. Ol’ Sticky
  16. The Lonely Big Yonder


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