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Wastin’ A Worry

Sendin’ Cooper Home
February 8, 2023
Swede’s Last Drive
February 27, 2023
Apprehension and doubt squander time and heart energy. We waste power and get distracted from our objective by fretting, stressing and needlessly worrying over things. My take, my suggestion to self that I do not always follow as well as I ought, is: “pray it up, send it up and then give it up”. If you know it is right (meaning you’re not breaking any laws and it feels righteous) just ask the Lord to guide your steps and get on with it, leaving the rest to the Holy Spirit.
Wastin' A Worry 

Wildflowers were in full-glory bloom
All over Judith Basin that spring
Jake had just last month been promoted
He’d no longer be living on a shoestring

He reckoned he could now afford hitchin'
But where'd he find the nerve to propose?
He hated bein' such a coward so
Best get to it and see how it goes

Sunday mornings comin' back from church 
Jake knew Amy always rode this way
So he raced away from worship early
To meet up for what he'd rehearsed to say
Tryin' to get his loop on courage
He'd been awake most of the night
For some considerable time now
He'd wanted to just ask Amy outright 
Sure he had courage to ride a one ton bull 
Or wrestle a big ol' steer just fine
But when it came to most wimminfolk 
His jitters kept him from readin' the sign
You might find this hard to figure
But with Amy it was even worse
Though he'd been a'courtin' her for years
She sent all his bravery in reverse
He knew he oughtn't feel so shy
Simple reason said she liked him
Else why'd she always hang around
Surely it weren't on no stinkin' whim
What if she said, "We're good friends 
But me marry you? Ain't no way"
Or what if she jumped with unbound joy
When, "Yes", she would delighted say
His life was about to take a turn
And either way contained its stress
He was sure prayin' to God his hardest
She would hug him hard and quick say, "Yes" 
He saw her comin' at an easy walk
When she was still a long ways off
But once close enough to see him standin'
That mare leapt as if racin' for the feed trough
Amy brought up in a cloud of dust
Flyin' from that saddle 'bout twenty feet away 
Lookin' like she had a sure grouch on 
Stompin' towards him with something to say
At once his jitters started him shakin' 
Almost droppin' the posey bouquet 
He'd gathered the courage to get on his knee
But now his nerve had plumb up and run away
Amy brazenly got right up in his face 
Then said, lookin' him dead in the eye,
"Three years you been courtin' me Jake Culver
You either marry me now or it's goodbye!"
Jake whipped the posies from around his back
Then takin' a knee stretched out a ring
One thing you could count on with Amy
She made life easier in everything 
Jake sure worry-wasted years and energy
That mighta' been put to much better use
Cuz he shore 'nuff knew once he'd prayed it up
Well, he should'a just turned that worry loose

by Rik Goodell
© 2023 All rights reserved

This excellent, story-telling painting is by Jack Sorenson. I am grateful for his permission to post his gifted art here alongside my poem.

To see more of his work, go to his website:

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