Describing Rik’s life in any manner resembling conventional is challenging. Looking it over, there isn’t much normal to it and if it had to be encapsulated in a word or two, they might be “exceptional adventure”. Come to think of it, that may be why he has long carried the handle, "Yonder".

Writer’s bio

F rom early childhood he lived part-time on boats, spent many summers at Catalina Island and learned to sail. In his twenties, as one of a two-man crew, Rik sailed a 35' ketch to Hawaii and back. Rik was certified as an open water SCUBA diver at 14 and logged dives in Hawaii, Mexico and California.

I n his teens, he worked at a desert horse ranch where he was taught to ride, saddle, hoof-pick and curry horses. It was also there that, at thirteen years old, he was introduced to pistol shooting and his natural talent as a marksman erupted. Four years of military service as a Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor followed during which he was a member of the base pistol team and once won the Hawaii State Pistol Championship in the ‘Expert’ class. He went on to win gold and silver medals at a California State pistol Championship and became designated a Lifetime Master in Outdoor Pistol by the NRA . After military service he joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and had the rare honor of being awarded the unique Distinguished Expert Medal while still in the LASD Sheriff’s Academy. Ultimately he became a SWAT team sniper and liaised with the Secret Service Presidential detail. He continues as a firearms instructor today.
R ik recognized a passion for motorcycles from his earliest memories. He started riding motorized, two wheelers at 14 and never quit. He was fortunate to attend the California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Academy and graduate. That training, and his years of experience as a Motor Officer led to his motorcycling through decades of innumerable miles all across North America and Europe.

H e was a drama major in high school and college and landed a part for a year and a half run in a Hollywood play followed by acting and directing in various community theaters, radio programs and a few TV gigs. Although drawn to writing poetry and prose during his high school years, Rik didn’t actually get his first article published until in his 30's and wrote a monthly magazine column for twelve years. Rik doesn’t claim to be a cowboy (his longest career so far has been in construction) but when he writes Cowboy Poetry, it comes from a deep respect for the Cowboy Life and values, and draws on his experiences. When he writes about motorcycles, construction, guns, sailing or police work, it is from muscle memory and a sincere appreciation for his God-given blessings and a mindful awareness of the adventures he has been granted in this life.

Rik is married, has two married sons, three grandchildren and lives in Montana.

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space"