Provin' Up Wise CD has been awarded the coveted 2024 Will Rogers Medallion Award for Recorded Cowboy Poetry 


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Cowboy poetry is often better appreciated when heard rather than read.

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What They're Sayin'...

  • Rick Huff, in Western Way Magazine, Winter 2023
    [Yonder’s] poems come off as being accurate, authentic and exceptionally well crafted. ... Goodell’s experience as an actor serves him well. I have to say he is one of the best interpreters of verse I have ever encountered. ... Goodell and his works are a cut above in all departments. [his CDs] are very highly recommended
    Rick Huff, in Western Way Magazine, Winter 2023
  • S. E. Springfield, MO
    Rik’s a great story teller. Excellent writing and Rik’s voice makes for a perfect presentation. Played [the CD] thru 4 or 5 times already and looking forward to many more.
    S. E. Springfield, MO
  • B.W. Whitefish, MT
    Have greatly enjoyed reading Rik’s poetry, but hearing it is so much better. His voice is perfect for the stories he tells. “Die First-Then Quit” was a favorite. His tales make you laugh, tear up and ponder. ... [His CD’s] are great listening on a road trip.
    B.W. Whitefish, MT
  • M. R. Columbia Falls, MT
    This collection of Rik’s poems was inspirational and thought provoking. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have heard his poems in his own voice. We ride for the same brand.
    M. R. Columbia Falls, MT

Meet Yonder and enjoy his live performances of his original poetry here



Writer’s bio

W hen you ponder on his diverse background, varied career pursuits and yondering all over for decades, Rik has a deep well to dip his pen into when he begins to write. Sailor, Actor, Motorcyclist, Master Pistolero, Carpenter, Deputy Sheriff or wannabe Cowboy, he has gathered a lifetime of treasures to share with his readers.