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Filly Catchin’

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February 27, 2023
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March 6, 2023


My childhood was pretty different; at least so from what I saw and imagined all the "normal" kids were having. I had little-to-no grandfather contact and only a struggling father's inconsistent direction.  I don't mean to sound like a victim. We've all had our challenges, regardless of our age. Truth is, on the positive side, I experienced a childhood that was adventurous and dream-filled with tons of freedom to roam and skin my knees and build character.  But I missed out on the wisdom that oughta be passed along by the men that've gone before in a boy's family. I had no clue about girl-wranglin' so I stumbled my way through it by way of trial and error. This story is about such insight and love from a grandfather.

Filly Catchin’

Ya know Grandson this fishin' trip
That I invited you on with me
Well it ain't so much about catchin' fish
As it is a quiet time for sharin’ see?

Seems we haven’t spent time together
For months, it's been a way too long while
So let me start by askin’ what’s new
Got any good updates to make me smile?

Ya know if there's anything on your heart
We've got all day to get up-to-date
Or we can just sit here quiet-like
Don’t matter cuz just seein’ you is great

What's that? You've got a girlfriend?
Now that is news that’s sweet
Where's she from, tell me all about her
How long ago did you two meet?

Oh I see, she was workin’ with the young stock
During the calf brandin’ gather last spring
Yep, I get it, she 'bout knocked your spurs off
Seein’ she was such a handy and purty thing

So, you've been dating for 'bout nine weeks eh?
Well that's time enough to stake a claim
And you think she could be the one
But she don't act like she feels the same

Well if you're open to some advice
From an old slick hand at romance
Try backin' off the lead just a mite
While hearin' the music and enjoyin' the dance

You're still only a buck colt of eighteen
They's a whole lotta trails you ain't rode
Don't go to crowdin’ her none too tight
Loosen the reins so's to not get throwed

Reckon I never told you the story
Of how I courted my snorty bride
We were about your age when I settled her
When I tried hitchin' your grandma to my side

Whoo-wee she bucked and snorted!
Like to give rope burns for sure
So I started usin' gentle-broke methods
Along with my masculine charm and allure

Ya know how you build trust in a filly
By lungin' and workin' in the round pen?
Then you turn your back and walk away
When she trusts, she comes to you again?

Now it ain't always that simple
The trick is knowin' when to turn loose
But even more so sometimes it's
When to go after that notional cayuse

Bottom line I think to remember
Is to not fret or push too hard
Go easy, let her have her head
If it's God's plan, she'll drop her guard

Focus on building the friendship first
Maybe just take her for a Sunday ride
Brandin’ a filly without spirit breakin’
That takes some savvy, but keeps her at your side

Hey, lookee there, I think you've got a bite
Reel 'er in easy while I grab the net
Now this here's a fine example of how
Good things come when you relax the fret

Looks like we're havin' fish for dinner
By the way, what's your gals name?
I'd like to pray for you both right now
How about it, are you game?

Our Father I come before you out here
To sing your praises and claim our trust
That your will shall be done with these two
For we know, through our faith, you are just

So if this precious daughter of yours
Will be given to my grandson by your scheme
Help him to see your timing and way
But most of all, may it be it as you deem


by Rik Goodell

© 2023 All rights reserved

Thank you Gregory Mayse for once again providing your excellent artwork to accompany my poetry. You've provided a number of fine art pieces to either inspire or flesh-out my rhyming stories.

To see more of Mr. Mayse's work, visit his website:


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