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Every Day is Valentine’s

February 28, 2024
Trailside Troubadours
March 17, 2024

This poem has a fun, if somewhat convoluted, evolution.  The last three stanzas were a personal poem I wrote for my bride on Valentine's Day.

But, I liked it so much that I wanted to build it into more of a story. In that process and ponder, I came across Jack Sorenson's painting as I was muddling through where this rhyme would take me.

Forgive me, Jack. I know you painted a sister and  brother but my artistic license has brazenly hijacked this sweet scene to a different reality!

Every Day is Valentine's

Ever since the first day
I boosted you up on
‘Ol Two-Bits on the grass
My heart has been long gone

We were only mere pups
With no adult insight
Of life, Love or romance
Yet you've been life's delight

That’s where you have remained
For thirty years since then
The rare bliss of your love
My rock again again

There have been so many
Trails since then we have rode
Some were mere sweet pleasure
Others 'bout got us throwed

But we pulled on the reins
And snugged up on the cinch
Now that’s become routine
What we do in a pinch

Our tack is broken in
Our ponies just old friends
Don’t take you for granted
We’ve rounded off the bends

So here on Valentine’s
I'll set the record straight
'Bout tokens of my love
Or take you on a date

Some big annual day
By Hallmark every year
Ain't needed by this man
To say what I hold dear

Jesus wakes me reg'lar
And opens up my eyes
Behold my gift from God 
You, my Valentine prize

You're more than my lover
My helper and dear friend 
You're Jesus with skin on
I'll love you past the end

by Rik "Yonder" Goodell
© 2024 All rights reserved

Thank you Jack Sorenson. Yet again, your art is fleshing-out my rhyming stories. 

To see more of Mr. Sorenson's work, visit his website:



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