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Becomin’ Papa

What I Left Behind
July 27, 2021
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August 10, 2021

Becomin' Papa

I been studyin’ on my grandson lately
Don’t really know what brought it on
But his innocence and boundless joy
Set me to thinkin’ how my life has gone

How did I get so blessed
As to have this sweet young soul
Reach up in trust for my hand
So we could just take a simple stroll?

It takes me right down to my knees
When he looks me in the eye to say
Just out of the blue, “I love you Papa.
What are we gonna do today?”

Papa, can we crush some cans?
Papa, will you write my name in my hat?
Richie calls his grandad “Papa”
And makes me into an aristocrat

This is mercy to the fullest
This is grace ultimately defined
This is God just sayin’
“To your past sins I am blind”

See I used to be shorter on wisdom
I used to be a less than tolerable guy
I had a tall heap o’ growin’ to do
Before bein’ a real Papa I could apply

Becomin’ a Papa takes time for a man
It’s a responsibility I never understood
I had to learn beyond myself
Before takin’ on grandfatherhood

A man needs to gather wisdom
So he can be so blessed
He has to make mistakes to learn
And get his weaknesses addressed

It’s not a duty I take lightly
Instead I consider it a mission
To model right and be clean myself
Monitor my every act and omission

I didn't do right by his father
Bein' a dad myself I was lost
So many things I shoulda' done or not
But omitted at a terrible cost

This here's my second chance
To do some fatherin' right
Now that I know so much more
Gonna work it with all my might

This little man will grow up
To be not only what he’s taught
But to conduct himself in some ways
He’s watched in me like it or not

Not sayin’ I’ve arrived at perfect
Maybe not even real good
But my heart is after the goal
Of bein’ and doin’ all I should

I give thanks to my son and his bride
For well doin’ their job too
Of modelin’ and teachin’ consistent
This comin’-on little buckaroo

We bought him a new hat this year
When he came to visit in Montana
Now we need to get him a packin’
On his pocket or neck a bandana

Richie knows how to tip his hat
When greeting wimmenfolk
And he sets it upside down on a table
For best care as Papa spoke

I never had capacity for dreamin’
Of this lad who would carry on my name
Lord help me to be all I can for him
And to never bring him shame

And thank you God for your gift
Of a grandson so filled with love
For grace and mercy settin’ me right
Which, like all good things, comes from above

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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