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Save The Cowboy

Becomin’ Papa
August 3, 2021
Provin’ Up Wise
August 17, 2021

The American Ways of Life, the very traditions and values and customs that built this country, a nation unique on the world stage where people have, for more than two centuries, pursued individual dreams and prospered unlike anytime in history, are being laid waste right in front of us every day. The disciplines of hard work, delayed gratification, self reliance, families working together, even freedoms and Christianity are systematically under attack. I'm not studied enough to call it a conspiracy but no fair mind can deny that it is a concerted effort, coming at us at an ever-increasing rate. Not only is this intention scary and tragic but it's stupid. They're destroying the system, the potential for pursuits, that made and sustains us. We, as a culture, must overcome the blind apathy that this abundance and these freedoms have manifested. From my desk, the only identifiable segment of our population that stands as a firm parapet against this tragedy is The Cowboy - the Cowboy Way, Cowboy Values and Traditions.

"Save The Cowboy" is a Montana-based, grass roots organization; a David fighting against Goliath. They are merely focused on one aspect of this war, one battle (not unique to Montana) if you will, but wars are won one battle at a time. With God's will, we will prevail against those who wish to obliterate USA as we've known it.

Save The Cowboy

Back here, three-miles-in off pavement
The two track keeps tourists away
Our trucks are always dusty or muddy
But for washin' 'em in town on Sunday

It's quiet out here the way we like it
Dad got power run out in seventy-four
Otherwise we mostly used a generator
Until he came back from the Vietnam War

The main house ain't no architectural statement
Grandad's uncle Hubert built it plain
It's got one, long, simple gable
That does just fine sheddin' snow and rain

Actually the barn's more of a showpiece
Rebuilt in the eighties after a fire
Neighbors came volunteerin' a month
Got 'er done with a gambrel roof that was higher

Our modest spread of acreage
Less than two thousand of it deeded
Nestles near the Judith Mountains
Addin' government pasture is still needed

We lease government land that's adjacent
Most of it higher up for summer grazin'
Late summer we start watchin' the weather
The views from up there are amazin'

We run a small cattle operation
Usually around thirty-five pair
'Course we supplement all winter
Cattle and horses gettin' their share

We keep six quarter horse broodmares
And a descendant of "Doc Bar" stud
It's mostly my sister's passion
She's all about improvin' the blood

Our windmill keeps on spinnin'
The stock tanks getting their fill
We use tank heaters agin' ice all winter
Placed on the south side of a hill

A sweet little blue-line creek
Flows south of the house just a bit
Pretty for watchin' through cottonwoods
Especially on a night when it's moonlit

Mom still tends her garden each year
Puttin' up all what we don't eat
We dine just fine from her crops
And our own tender, free-range meat

We keep a dozen or so layin' hens
Each year raisin' some poults and fryers
It's an uncomplicated rewarding life
Fascinatin' how simply it transpires

You might wonder why I document this
So here is one of my reasons
Pressures to end this way of life are huge
It could be ended in a few seasons

Conservationists are buying up land
Hoping to create some fairytale place
Most of them live in big cities or abroad even
With no respect for our birthplace

It's not as if they are neighbors
I doubt they'd know straw from hay
They're not even livin' on the land
So why would they want a say?

Sometimes it's pure overwhelmin'
Mostly it feels we're outnumbered
But we're Americans, we'll fight
Keepin' our homes and culture unencumbered

If you find respect for and value
In this traditional way of life
If you see our ag communities dyin'
And you're sympathetic to our strife

Then we need your support and voice
Your help is what we're askin for
Our goal is to "Save the Cowboy"
Nothing less, nothing more

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

To read a detailed, well-researched, article about this Central Montana struggle, go to Range Magazine

This author is not connected in any way with "Save The Cowboy", only a Montanan, an American Veteran, deeply sympathetic to their cause.

"Save The Cowboy" is one voice among hundreds in this battle. To support them, go to

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