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Lefty’s Memorial

Moose Ropin’
April 6, 2021
Grace on the Range
April 20, 2021

Lefty's Memorial

Who’d’a ever thought that Lefty
A fine horseman and top hand
Would get hisself near kilt by
A casual ride through cropland

He was visitin’ kin in Montana
When he decided to go ride fence
His family thought it right helpful
But to Lefty it only made sense

He wasn’t one to just sit around
Call it vacation if you want to
He never got the knack of downtime
Always needin' somethin' to do

Lefty went to the barn and saddled
Their sixteen-hand dun mare
Respectful of their special tackin’ ways
He inserted that spade bit with care

Seein’ as she was a developed horse
The spade bit was his first clue
He knew she’d been rightly refined
And would respond to the slightest cue

He expected a sweet pastoral ride
They wouldn’t be gone too long
There were less than a thousand acres
What could possibly go wrong?

The south fence was on the "High Line"
Montana’s name for Highway Two
It stretched for one straight mile
Between the two lane and tall fescue

They were movin’ an easy walk
Eastin’ with sun on their faces
So far the four-wire looked fine
Though a bit stretched in places

Westbound came a pickup truck
Loaded with boys and beer
One of ‘em tossed out a bottle
That landed on that mare’s rear

She come unglued and screamed
While twistin’ buckin' and snortin'
Throwin’ Lefty high in the air
All due to their careless sportin’

Lefty landed smack on his hat
Makin' one terrible crunch
In less than a blink of an eye
He knew he was gonna miss lunch

I’ll say this to their credit
When those boys saw the wreck
They spun around n'come racin’ back
One of 'em cradlin' Lefty’s neck

The other got on the cell phone
Quickly dialing nine one one
Paramedics outta Cut Bank
Got there nearly ‘fore he was done

His neck was braced and tied
The chopper landed right on the road
And whisked him off to Kalispell
Medics attendin’ so he’d not code

By miracle his neck weren’t broken
He was stove up and sore for weeks
When those boys showed up with flowers
Brought some color to Lefty’s cheeks

They apologized long and profusely
Sayin’ they’d learned a real lesson
But then they went and did a little more
Out of deep shame and sorrow I’m guessin’

They weren’t sure which post
Was in the exact right spot
But they went and picked one out
Which was purt' near likely as not

Pullin' the boot off'n his right foot
The 'tosser' hung it on the chosen post
Both boys knelt, prayin' for forgiveness
Then lifted a water bottle in Lefty toast

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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