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The Wise and The Quick

To the Gentle Giants
April 19, 2020
Dad is Destiny
May 1, 2020
This poem was written as an entry to be included in the postings for the Bar-D Ranch Art Spur for National Cowboy Poetry Week. The rule was that the submitted poem had to be inspired by the poster for that years celebration of Cowboy Poetry. I was honored and delighted when this poem was selected and published in April of 2020.

The Wise and The Quick

It'd been a dry ride
From can't see thru can.
Ol Buck was parched
And so was young Dan.

We saw the small pool
As we cleared o’er the rise
And trotted on over
To no one's surprise.

Young Dan got there first
And waded on in.
When totally quenched,
Well, he drank once agin!

Now Buck being wiser
His drinking was measured
Soon he was slaked
By the water he treasured.

Young Dan, on t’other hand,
Slurped ‘n splashed on
Clean down to hoof mud,
‘Til sweet water was gone.

Dan searched north and south
Querying skyward ‘n down.
His belly a’sloshin’
But no drop could be found.

What have I wrought?
His gaze seemed to ask.
But his lack of years
Weren't up to the task.

Enter Buck once agin,
The wiser, the sage,
Moseying over 'longside
Young Dan to engage

"Gotta pace yerself",
Bemoaned Buck in sorrow,
"Whether water or gait,
Leave some for tomorrow”.

Dan stopped searching
And studied Buck straight
Absorbing shrewd words
From his mentor and mate.

Enlightened, Dan nodded
His tack all ‘a jerkin'
And I'd swear on my saddle
Buck peeked over, ‘a smirkin.

Each took up positions,
Standing nose to tail
In comfort and safety
Flicking flies off t'hail

Old bull, young bull
Cain't always know how
But friendships develop
When we let go and allow.

So Dan has more "go"
But Buck has more stick
And together they're better
The wise and the quick.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020

This poem was Inspired by, “Ranch Water”, a painting by Teal Blake, Cowboy Poetry Week Art Spur 2020. I am grateful for his permission to include a copy of his art on this website. See more of Mr. Blakes's work on his website:

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