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Dad is Destiny

The Wise and The Quick
April 19, 2020
Greenhorn MacKenzie
May 6, 2020

Dad is Destiny

I wanna grow up like you Dad.
I wanna be noble and strong.
I wanna be a good model to my son.
Whenever he comes along.

I've seen how you love my mother,
Always showing respect and care.
It gives me a solid foundation, for
When I find my own lady to share.

You take my sister on dates
To show her what to demand
From any man that courts her;
Any gent seeking her hand.

He’d better treat her right.
Now she knows what he must do.
If’n he wants to see her agin’
He’d better resemble you.

I admire how you tend our critters
And the ranch that we call home.
It gives a boy a sense of place.
Instillin’ a code to not roam.

You're up with the sun each morn'
Tending to each chore
But you still find time for fun
After work, not before.

Seen pictures of you in uniform.
I know you went off to war.
You always stand for Ol’ Glory.
You never talk about the gore.

I’ve watched how you respect
The hands at work on our place.
They obviously look up to you.
I see it on each leathered face.

Now that I’m in my middle teens,
An’ I’ve had a fair look-see,
No doubt I’ve still a lot to learn
But I’ll always hear your gee.

Most of the boys at my school
Wear saggin’ pants ‘n backward caps.
But I just wanna wear jean's ‘n boots
Just like you and Grandpaps.

I've peeked in at you and Mom
Both reg’lar on your knees.
You've shown me there's more to life
Than just pushin’ me, me, me's.

You've taught me how to rope ‘n ride.
I can build or mend most things.
All that's real shore handy but
You are where I pick my strings.

Along with all that teachin'
Your integrity's been consistent.
You've steady walked your talk,
Guidin' me to be stray resistant.

See, I was watchin’ you ‘fore walkin’,
Your steady habits, your dues payins’.
Oh sure, you’ve slipped sometimes
But always owned up to them strayins’.

I know it cain't be easy
Sticking to values and to right
But because of what you've shown me
Gonna work it with all my might.

I heard tell from here and there,
“Dad is Destiny”, so they say.
You’re packing heavy burdens, yet
You tend your family in every way..

So this is a too-simple thank you
For all your endurance I see
Reckon’ I’ll spend the rest of my days
Thankin’ God for the Dad He gave me.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020

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