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Trailin’ Friendships

Sunday Morning With The Duke
January 8, 2021
Cowboy Suit
January 10, 2021


Trailin' Friendships

Rockin’ on my porch one day
‘Preciatin’ the settin’ sun.
Mind a wanderin’ ol’ happy trails
Traipsin’ through a life on the run.

I trailed of to recollectin'
Good horses I had ridden,
Fine spreads I'd worked on,
Friendly dogs who'd done my biddin'

That trail turned out to be
More'n a simple day's ride.
I came back in following weeks
While diggin’ deeper I tried.

It sent me along various forks.
I chose some well and some not.
But persistence I ain’t short on.
It’s purty much what I’ve got.

Smoke risin’ through the thicket
I came upon a burnin’ glow.
‘Round it were wise-lookin’ ol’ men.
They invited me in for a cuppa joe.

Having sat quiet and listened,
While they all shared and grunted,
I began slowly shakin’ my head
Hearing what I’d long hunted.

S’pose I could go on and on
Documentin’ wisdom of these sages.
But then y’might run outta listenin’
Before I'd run outta pages.

I left at first light a bit wiser.
Here's a thing I took from that camp.
Life isn't about the size of my barn
But the brightness of my lamp.

Yep, the times in my life when
My heart has become most swoll’
Were always with great friends
Who filled me spirit and soul.

I ain't afraid to show my feelin’s.
Sometimes that shies folks away.
But for those who've stuck around,
I've got somethin’ partic’lar to say.

Reckon I could be wrong about this,
There're things I don't yet know,
But in this here moment, at least,
Here's what I believe to be so.

Relationships are what really matter.
That's where life comes to shine.
If you've got one good friend or two,
You've been touched by the Divine.

In fact, I decided confidently,
If a man can up and name
His six pall bearers in mere seconds
He's scored well in life's game.

And that's when it came to me
Like a comfort fire at days end.
I'm blessed by much more'n my share
Who choose to call me Friend.

Y'all know who you are.
Yet if you're just not sure,
Study on the times we've shared,
The laughs and heart barin’ we endure.

I admit when I think fair and square
That Someone has paid the price
Cuz I've got so many pall bearers
‘Reckon I’ll have t'die twice.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

David Graham was born in Miles City, Montana during the time his family was operating a ranch in the Powder River area east of Miles City.

To see more of his excellent work, go to his website:

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