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Cowboy Suit

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January 8, 2021
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January 25, 2021

Cowboy Suit

A young'n rarely has much say
Where his raisin' years are spent.
More likely it's family, jobs an' such
Decidin' where to pay the rent.

Some boy's are always wishin'
To not be stuck in some city;
But to be fully livin' out where
Life is adventurous and gritty.

When a lad grows up a dreamin'
Of livin' the Cowboy Way.
He sings "I'm an old Cowhand"
And glees "Yippee Yi Yo Kayah".

He'll watch every western on TV
And in theaters if he can find 'em.
He's in heaven when Gene or Roy
Are in his watched movie gem.

He may not feature a guitar,
Or a glittering, fringed shirt,
But to straddle a horse one day
He'd sacrifice a year's dessert.

His cash gets saved for months
But not for baseball glove and bat.
No, it's for a saddle, horse and spurs
Or t' purchase boots and a hat.

When his fellow teens are savin' up
To buy a trendy, hotrod car
He yearns for an old pickup.
That's where he hangs his star.

Cain't hardly sleep the night before
When Rodeo time comes near.
Maybe he'll be a steer wrestler
Or be a colorful bullfighter one year.

So that was me in my teens.
Desert cowboyin' each weekend.
Then back to city and school
With classes I'd reluctantly attend.

One such class was algebra;
A requirement I had to get through.
It turned out I had a knack for it
But it sure wasn't what I chose to do.

Wearing bluejeans and denim jacket
I’d leave my Resistol straw home.
But I proudly wore my cowboy boots
When my high school halls I'd roam.

One morning in algebra class,
The teacher thought it'd be a hoot
To refer to the kid in the front row
As the one in the Cowboy Suit.

If’n Id’a showed up in spurs
He’d’a sooner found that coefficient
To recognize me as Cowboy stock
And demonstrate he’s omniscient

Little did Mr. Sutton know that day
I'd be here 60 years later
Tellin' the story with pride
Of how he made me feel greater.

That day he paid me the highest honor
When using that Cowboy Suit phrase
Cuz when he said that to me
He affirmed I had Cowboy Ways.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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