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Romancin’ The Road

Cowboy Suit
January 10, 2021
Lessons From Grandad’s Barn
February 1, 2021

Romancin' The Road

Travelin’ far and wide is not
A recent call on human hearts
Look back to Columbus or Paul
Yet, even before them it starts

Surely there are various ways
Of getting from here to there
And best of all are road trips
For going ‘bout anywhere

Just the mere mention of road trip
Will make most folks smile
Instant visions of a two-lane
Straight or twistin’ mile after mile

Tall pines or twisty cactus
Lakes and rivers and waterfalls
Oceans and deserts and prairie
Out there beyond city walls

Rocky peaks on distant ridges
We seem siren-attracted by
An ol’ roadhouse on sixty-six
Invites, “Stop, gimme a try”

How far can we get from nowhere
On two wheels or eighteen
What beckons horizon's pull
Why yearn for vistas unseen?

‘Thinkin’ it could be simple as
God imbued us with curiosity
We yearn to git’ along and probe
The world and all its grandiosity

Or maybe my attention span
Is just on a real short lead
So when I change the scenery
I don’t feel quite so treed

Reckon we've all been endowed
With a hankerin’ for the chance
To pull up stakes, boldly unhobble
Just toss all aside for romance

Not that every soul answers
The itch for perspective change
Some are content by the hearth
Avoidin' experiences strange

But I’ve seen most of this country
And a good part of the hemisphere
Yet that don't quench my thirstin’ for
More places ‘bout which I hear

I treasure my American rights
My freedom to speak and meet
But if it comes right down to it
My free yonderin’ is most sweet

I get all twitchy in big cities
Keep lookin’ over my shoulder
Could be varmints or bad hombres
Sneakin’ up; movin’ in all bolder

I truly shine, I'm at my best
In the widest open spaces
No question that I'm destined
To thrive in natural places

I built so many kind o’fences
Back in my carpenterin’ days
For keepin’ varmints and deer out
Or preventin’ wanderin’ of strays

But me, well I'm not for fencin’
Not for shelterin’ long in place
God built me for open roads
I truly come alive in open space

Well that’s my jawin’ today
It’s thunderin’ rain outside
But when it comes to clearin’
'Spect I’ll head out for a ride

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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