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Sunday Morning With The Duke

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December 26, 2020
Trailin’ Friendships
January 8, 2021

Sunday Morning With The Duke

Sunday morning police work
Generally puts a cop to sleep.
Ain't much going on
Quiet; no one's making a peep.

My black 'n white Harley
Lopin' along 'tween m'legs
Northbound the coast highway
Shinin' Dehners on the pegs.

Riding warm inside my leathers
Another blessed workday.
Sittin' tall in the saddle.
Happy to be me today.

Folks are all behaving.
Traffic's real sparse and slow.
An urgent call for backup
Comes squawkin' on my radio.

A stolen car'd been spied
By a brother cop just north.
He was pulling them over at Dover
Doors flew and two teens sprang forth.

I accelerated while keying the mic,
"43461 I'm two away".
Adrenalin kicking in
Whoo! Gonna be a good day.

One ran inland up the hill.
I pursued one towards the bay.
Had to find him quick.
This thief needed to pay.

I searched for twenty minutes
Fog made me give up the chase.
I began making a "U" turn
In front of John Wayne's place.

When out comes The Man himself,
My hero comin' through the vapor.
I stopped offering, "Mornin' Duke"
As he bent for his Sunday paper.

"What's going on Officer?",
He asked in his iconic tone.
While tossing me his signature salute.
This man, this royalty sans throne.

"Tryin' to catch a car thief
Who ran into the Bayshore".
"Well I hope you catch the dirty varmint",
He smiled though as he swore.

I never did catch that crook.
But that pursuit weren’t no fluke.
Seein’ as how I got a great story
Of my morning with the Duke.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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