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Forever Began When I Met You

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December 14, 2020
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December 16, 2020

Forever Began When I Met You

Was palaverin’ with my bride last winter
We were grinnin' through the mystery
Of how we'd met and where we'd been.
Just sorta’ pridin’ over all our history.

We reminisced on the café where
I took her on our first date.
Oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate
And stayin out real late.

'For long we were near inseparable.
She left her church, comin’ to mine.
Next I knew I was on my knee
With diamonds and glittery shine.

Pack a big lunch I warned,
It'll be an exciting, unusual ride.
‘Promise wide vistas and adventure
If “yes” is what you decide.

Next we told our preacher who said,
"We'd better get you two married".
Four months after meetin’ we hitched.
No one's ever said I tarried.

We've roamed all over the country
Aiding some folks along the way.
We built a home in Montana,
The last best place to stay.

Truth is there've been no downs tho
Some ups 've been better than others.
But never was a day I'd trade
If allowed my choosin’ druthers.

The Lord has blessed us handsome,
Tendin’ to all our needs.
Most ways giving us abundance
Despite my not so good deeds.

So there we were recollectin’
Giving thanks for a joyful life.
When I got a might misty eyed
Reviewing grace from my wife.

Then suddenly I up and tells her,
"I've loved you forever".
“You haven't known me that long”,
She responded, being clever.

"Well", I said with a twinklin' eye,
"There's something you don't know,
But forever began when I met you.
You conquered me from the get-go".

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020

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