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Visitor in the Lineshack
May 24, 2021
Every Sinner Has a Future
June 12, 2021

View 'Tween the Ears of a Horse

I’ve not expected I was better
Never meant to hold myself above
It's not that I've too much humility
But I sure don’t want a lack thereof

Having gotten that out there
So y'all know just where I'm from
I have something to say
And it’s not about beatin’ my drum

Gettin' to my age one expects
To own more answers than not
Yet that ain't how it's worked for me
Cuz more questions are what I've got

Take my values and beliefs
As an example of what I mean
How come they ain't like mainstream
Why is my take so rarely seen?

It seems the old saying has truth
You become like the folks you’ve followed
My life's taken place 'longside Cowboys
In their ways my life’s been wallowed

So to me life ain't so complicated
Let's look at a horse for instance
You're gonna have to feed it
If ya want it to go the distance

But then there's a consequence
Ya feed a horse it'll poop
If it's in a stall for long
You'll need to go grab a scoop

When you've been hard a’muckin
Horse manure and bedding for weeks
You're bound to have a stinky pile
So you'll need some disposal techniques

It's different if you're on a drive
Or out workin the stock most days
But if you've a barn full of horses
You need a plan for used feed ways

Me, I've developed a friendship
With some hippie farmers over east
They treasure that fragrant pile
Come collect it once a month at least

They pay me for that steamin’ stack
So I don't have to handle it twice
And with the money they give me
I go buy more feed which is nice

Well that's just one example
Of my simplified life views
Life's about cycles common for all
No way that should be news

Why do folks twist and muddle 'steada'
Seein' things plain the way Cowboys do
Seems they complicate unnecessarily
Inserting their own details what ain't true

I reckon it's all about perspectives
That get embedded as we age
Carving our thoughts and ways
By which our choices we gauge

Speaking of one’s viewpoint
As your opinion and values source
Reckon you could explain mine as
A life viewed 'tween the ears of a horse

It’s surely a good view and honest
Pointing ya towards one fact
Life is what you’ve built with it
It’s how your acts and plans have packed

You don’t start out on a mornin’ ride
Without feedin, waterin, and curryin’
Set the blanket and saddle with care
Step up now without worryin’

Care for your horse and he’ll care for you
It’s a good allegory for livin’
Stay mindful of your needs and others
Enjoy a life that’s forgiven

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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