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Every Sinner Has a Future

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June 7, 2021
Every Saint Has a Past
June 13, 2021

Every Sinner Has a Future

When it comes to naming things
Especially dogs and horses I reckon
Most folks ponder awhile
Waitin’ for the name to beckon

Such weren't the case with me
When it came to namin' my new paint
Cain't rightly remember why now
But I up and named her "Saint"

Maybe it was wishful thinkin'
Or tellin' the future in advance
Cuz when she came to me a filly
It weren't under the best circumstance

Oh the price was good alright
When the lady brought her to me
Didn't charge me one red cent
Sayin', "Good luck. She's yours for free"

A crazy-mean, green-broke filly
She was a touch over two years old
She'd had that wild, marled eye
They said ever since she was foaled

That paint'd rear and kick and bite
Displayin' equal hate for man or critter
That woman might shoulda' paid me
For takin' on a filly so bitter

That horse was purt' near a killer
When I'd come near it was wild upheaval
There was no way to get a lead rope on
Her demeanor was nothin' short of evil

Took me ‘bout a week to realize
That left eye was totally blind
No wonder she was spooky and all
She couldn't see you from left or behind

I started developin' a habit
Of softly singin' out her name
I'd sorta whisper, "Say-aint"
When approachin' to keep her tame

Time came I'd sing another word
It’d come out, "App-pull"
'Twas my early morning greeting
Then I'd reach out with a handful

We did this more'n a year
Before I ever put her under saddle
Then it was nearly a year more
Before I ever tried to straddle

Most trainers so I reckon
Woulda' never spent the seasons
But when I first swung a leg over
I knew I'd had good reasons

She didn't twitch or move
But turned her head to the right
As if askin' me a question,
"We gonna just stand here all night?"

So I slowly lifted the reins
Of that worn old hackamore
And gently gave her a heel
Bracing for what was in store

Surprising, she moved out at a walk
We tried both directions in the pen
After doin' that for quite awhile
Many times I got off and on her again

Next we were out long days a’ridin'
Whenever I found time off
All over the valley and mountains
Even though most of the boys would scoff

She couldn't ever work cattle much
Bein' blind on that one side
But she was basically my pet dog
Only, one that I could ride!

One hot day last fourth of July
Out ridin' the canyon before dinner
A catamount screamed off to her left
Turnin' my mare into a spinner

Next thing I remember was
Comin' to with friends all around
I was in a bed with a broken shoulder
And my aching head was all bound

You might question what I'm gonna say
But the boys tell me it's all real
Saint had raced back to the ranch
Spinning in the yard like a wheel

Wouldn't let nobody touch her
When they reached she shied away
Finally Shorty said, "Saddle up,
I think she wants to show us the way"

That was the actual fact indeed
Saint led the boys right to the place
They found me broken on the ground
Out cold with a deep gash on my face

Well the rest you can 'bout figure
The doc got me stitched and wrapped
Now don't you just agree
Naming her "Saint" was purt' near apt?

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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