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Scandal At The 7AL

My Dream Woman
June 15, 2021
Independence Day Wisdom
June 28, 2021

Scandal At The 7AL

The 7AL has a long history for sure
'Bout as colorful as a double rainbow
Grandad bought the ranch from an old timer
A buffalo hunter, more'n a century ago

In fact let me get more exactin'
The actual year was 1895
When that ol' buffler decided
Bein' settled down, he couldn't survive

So the family set up to ranchin'
On their spread that crossed the state line
Some days they worked in Montana
While others, with South Dakota they'd align

There was the Sioux reservation
Just down south a stretch
Where Grandad sold his beef
For the good price it would fetch

They say that Sitting Bull
Lived on that reservation
Hemmed in by changin' times
No longer free for migration

Generations moved along
Tamarack gold came and went
Beef was bred, calved and grown
Some seasons it even paid the rent

So today the family's still beefin'
By grandson Foz an' his smilin' bride
Thrivin' in the cattle trade,
The heritage where they abide

The operation's not quite as big now
Having shrunk some over the years
But they're still workin’, Montana cattle-folk
Makin' beef outta' heifers and steers

On top of all their cattle raisin'
They perform cowboy music on the side
Smilin’ Judy does the fiddlin' and singin'
While Foz stories with guitar pickin’ in stride

A cowboy with no sense of humor
Is something I ain't never seen
Over a red beer last night Foz tells of
His heifer who ain't gonna be prom queen

A pregnant high school girl
Is how this yearling he described
The one who went out a dallyin'
In those activities that are proscribed

Just how the bull got to her
I never heard Ol' Foz say
But he knew when she'd be calvin'
He had it right down to the day

Calculatin' she'd need his help
Her bein' so young and all
He brought her in from pasture
Gave her a straw bed in a stall

So Foz goes out to lend a hand
Prepared for a long night
He wanted to save both mama and calf
By helpin' her with her plight

When he lifted the lantern in the stall
He could scarcely believe what he saw
On wobbly legs stood a new bull calf
Punchin' at the udder of his ma

That full fledged proud mama cow
Looked Foz straight in the eye
"Go on to back to bed cowboy
I've got this little guy"

He'd go back to bed alright
Tomorrow he'd be courageously facin' the day
Let the neighbors gossip and titter
This proud pair was here to stay

I doubt Grandad had any idea
How many good stories would tell
When he evicted that ol' buffler
And burned that first hide with 7AL

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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