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Independence Day Wisdom

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June 21, 2021
East Topeka Harley
July 6, 2021

Independence Day Wisdom

They would come from various nations
People of differing cultures and theology
And build thirteen colonies where
Liberty would abound without apology

They carved out a home and new way of life
It wouldn’t be easy, peaches and cream
But it became a new place of hope
Where a family could forge their dream

The new world it was called by many
A land wild, untamed yet riches filled
This continent spanning coast to coast
Where the United States of America would build

Those first folks were oblivious I expect
To the political movement they started
They were merely seekin’ a better life
Courageously steppin’ into territory uncharted

The seed of these pioneers set the stage
For the structure of a new nation
That would eventually, brazenly emerge
Amid struggles of endless duration

Those battles, both internal and external
Would forge government by innovative notion
With independent states and local rule
That would demand values and ethics devotion

There’s no way to have true self rule
Without universally acknowledged agreement
As to truth, principles, right and wrong
And a Rulebook about which we're vehement

The wisdom of those who drafted and signed
And boldly, brashly even, cast their fate to God
Is nothing less than heaven-inspired
Thus their courage and foresight we applaud

American Independence Day oft brings
Visions of Bunker Hill and Valley Forge
While those sacrifices are rightly acknowledged
There's another aspect beyond General George

Those Declaration authors, breeders even,
Of revolutionary ideas in governing law
Changed how people would think or dream
Many nations and peoples are still in awe

All men are created equal and endowed
By their Creator with certain unalienable rights
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Took this infant experiment to pioneer heights

Those lofty ideas and schemes
Weren't concocted by mere men in a back room
But by the Supreme Judge of the world
For He was their acknowledged Bridegroom.

God gave them the ideas, words and dreams
And then against otherwise hopeless chances
Gave those thirteen colonies a Jericho
Eventually victorious in all their advances

So this celebration of a Declaration
Made in 1776 on the fourth of July
Is more than Independence from England
But a world where man's potential could satisfy

As you join today with friends and family
It is right and proper to be celebrated
Go ahead, barbecue and let loose fireworks
But let’s do so remembering what is related

We are greatly blessed by Almighty God
To be livin’ in this country at this hour
A land fraught with division and challenges
But still the place where we have the power

Do not take your comforts and freedom
To worship, assemble and speak as you want
As a normal, casual state of affairs since
We do so by valor of those less nonchalant

Pray let us not be unsympathetic
To the obligations we have been assigned
To preserve, protect and advance
This noble hope of all mankind

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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