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Goodbye Dusty

Ain’t No Cowboy Yet
April 12, 2020

Goodbye Dusty

Now, Dusty was a real fine friend
He possessed a wanderin' style
He was my steady companion
Sharin' many a memorable mile

He came to me a six-week pup and
Throughout his too-short days
We learned each other's quirks
I tried bendin' him to my ways

He had that silly way o' grinnin'
That some dogs'r known to display
He'd always give me one when,
On our spread I'd order him to stay

He loved the far horizon
Adventurin' wide and bold
No matter what I might employ
No way t'home would he hold

Dusty had two favorite sports
He loved water and chasing sticks
I'd throw a branch into our pond
He was happiest with them mixed

He'd disappear if I turned around
In a blink he was outta sight
Hours later he'd come a draggin'
To rest up some at night

He ran off for weeks one time
I searched all o'er Long Valley
'Til I found him out on the res and
Brought him home to rest and rally

He loved the shelter of the truck
He'd sleep there in the bed
But don't 'spect him stayin' there
If he could be wanderin' instead

One day he disappeared o'ernight
Days missing he remained
Eventually he come a' draggin' back
Lookin' all sickly. He was drained

I rushed him off for doctorin'
To find what ailed him so
But the good vet just shook his head
Sayin', "Best to let'm go"

Reckon he found some poison
Maybe chased a few sheep
Pained me real fearsome
T’ put him down to sleep

I look back now and wonder
If I really did him right
He was my loyal friend
Should I have tied’m up at night?

He loved his wanderin' way o' life
No other way he wanted
He burned out his life a Roman candle
And left this world undaunted

So if the friendship guideline is
Our quirks to love and honor
Then I done just right by him
Leavin' Dusty to free wander

Good bye ol' loyal pardner
May the good Lord welcome ya home
And provide an open door kennel,
An endless paradise to freely roam

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020 All rights reserved

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