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Comin’ Round

Scoutin’ The New Year
December 31, 2022
January 18, 2023


Comin’ ‘Round

My friend Nate was a rather different sort
I don't mean to say he was bizarre
Since there're lotsa' folks of his type around
So if anyone is odd it's me by far

No, what I'm tryin' to say is this
I tend to pick friends 'bout like me
If someone has a different idea set
I’ll probably just let him be

I know it ain’t smart to be so picky
It's less than kind and not doin’ right
Comfort of tunnel vision can lead to
Missin’ out by bein’ a too-short-sight

It's hard to say for sure back then
What brought the two of us together
Yet we became close in no time at all
Even not exactly bein’ birds of a feather

There's something in his genuine, quick-smile
That  can sure put a man at ease
He's the  sincere guy who promptly says yes
Then always goes and does it just to please

The more I got to know about him
The more distinct some differences became
As if I wanted to play rodeo
But European soccer was his game

I reckon our friendship had forged a loop
That purty much dallied us tight
Before I came to full acknowledgement
Some ways I treasured were day and night

Granted those differences are fairly triflin'
By standards held in good society
So I don’t mean to overthink this
Nor unduly stress my impropriety

I mean, he's a good guy to be around
Loyal, smart, hard-workin’and clever
And we’re both stumblin’ after Jesus
Some values just aren’t eye-to-eye however

One year 'round Christmas time
He came by our spread to pursue
Some jawin' and catch-up time
As good friends and neighbors will do

It had been a spell since we'd swapped lies
So I asked him to catch me up
I sat right there in my leather chair
Listenin' close as he filled my cup

I'm not much on multi-taskin'
Fact is I rarely can do it well
But in that blessed, singular moment
I was thinkin' too while hearin' him tell

For it suddenly came clear in my head
Why God had brought us so close
He had somethin' needed teachin' to me
And that's when I got my wake-up dose

I ain't proud to disclose this
If you know me this prob'ly ain't new
See, if'n your values are too different from mine
I likely only got a brisk "howdy" for you

But Nate got me to thinkin’ on
My best horse ever, I called him ol' Ben
He had quirks that rankled me plenty
But he was a steady, loyal, good friend

So my dear friend Nate sought me out
He's the one was on a mission
And quick had me love him first
Before I ever saw our division

Yes, I hear you loud and clear now Lord
You'll always love all of us the same
You built us all in your image
By not lovin' everyone, I'm to blame

Still I'm a long trot from herdin' that love
Into my corral that's way too small
But comin' round Nate has shown me I'm able
To do just exactly as Jesus did call

by Rik Goodell
© 2023 All rights reserved

Thank you Gregory Mayse for sharing your artwork here with my poetry. I'm especially pleased by the painting's title, "Gratitude", since that fits so well with this poem's theme.

To see more of Mr. Mayse's work, visit his website:

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