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Called To Write

My First ‘Casa’ Trip
December 16, 2020
I’m Just Not Sure
December 19, 2020

Called to Write

I must put pen to paper
Maybe type out a word or two
Document thoughts ‘n feelings
Communicate 'tween me ‘n you

It's not my words are fancy
Don't 'spect they're special t' read
But they're all tusslin' 'round inside me
Bustin’ 'em out is my true need

Sometimes it'll be a story
Some pages of rambling prose
Time t’ time I go t’ rhymin'
Tho that's chancy Heaven knows!

I set store by talkin' vulnerable
Which means tellin' from heart deep
Without that trust, well, it's just chatter
And we share nothing to know or keep

We tend t'fear showin' true feelin's
Talkin’ safe; News, Weather 'n Sports
How do we have rooted, lovin' friendship
Short of speakin’, “From the Heart Reports”?

So while you visit on my site
This here front porch URL
Sit back with cup of favorite brew
Hold, enjoy the words I'll tell

Get comfy in your easy chair
Call ol Shep o'er to your feet
Slow yer pace and mind a mite
Let's you and I just meet

While you are ingesting
The musings in this place
My hope is that a knowing smile
Will come rest upon yer face

Or maybe not a smile a’tall
Perhaps a subtle nod
Unbidden will expose at last
Our tie by grace of God

Two souls unknown t'other
Wandering this cyber land
Will by these shared ideas
Come each to understand

And when you've taken in my words
These ponderings of mine
We'll no longer be just strangers
But connected by design

God built us not to solo
But built us to connect
And when we share our inner mind
That's what we do I 'spect

Well, thanks fer stoppin' by
It's been my pleasure to palaver
I'm called to greet a million folk
Before I up'n go cadaver

Come back again to this ol’ porch
Stop, visit when in the 'hood
Drop by and read my latest
I truly wish you would

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020

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