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Winter Comin’!

Out of Nowhere!
October 26, 2021
Drawin’ Two Of A Kind
November 9, 2021

Winter Comin'!

Dang! October's two-thirds gone
We had a 28 degree morning on Friday
Snow fell up on Big Mountain last week
Winter's a comin' without delay

Mornin' frost on the north slope of the barn
Days are gettin' noticeably shorter
Ran the heater going to work last week
Almanac's predictin' this winter's a rip-snorter

Fall colors are different here in the Rockies
Without them maples, dogwoods or oaks
We rely on our Tamarack gold
To warn us before winter snow cloaks

Heard some Canadians honking south
They're resting on our pond this week
That's right on schedule this year
Mornings are looking more bleak

Dark hours are beginning to hold sway
Over the shortening hours of light
Sunrise seems suddenly later now
And sunset's here a’fore it's even night

Gotta get my bales in from the field
And the season's firewood stacked near
Need to blow out the irrigation lines soon
It's coming on that time of year

Moved the stock down to winter pasture
Oughta' check the Fordson’s anti-freeze
Saturday I'll hang the storm windows
Better tend to the tank heater's set-degrees

Been eyein' a tall Douglas fir in our woods
It'll make a fine, full Christmas tree
I'll flag it tomorrow before it snows
Then drag it home December twenty-three

Abidin' here in this northern valley
Bein' looked after by these Rockies' peaks
There's a peace and comfortin’ calm
Flowin' steady like our rivers and creeks

I so enjoy all of our seasons
I like spring as earth begins to sprout
Fall has her own colorful beauty
As she signals summer's closeout

But winter, ahh the muted winter
Tuckin' mother earth in with her quilt of white
Signalin' time for a well-earned rest
For the land and all with her wise foresight

Winter's a time for soapin' the tack
And improvin' the tractor and gear
Time to calculate and plan for
Herd management in the comin' year

I admit I probably work too hard
Neglectin' my family in summer season
But when the earth shuts down for winter
I'm blessed to make up for that treason

Bring on the silent winter months
I'm ready for the short hours of daylight
When neighbors and critters hunker down
While sun sparkles on the snow so bright

These are the long weeks when
Nature demands we must submit
And Shep curled by a warm cracklin' fire
Lures me to pour a hot cup and just sit

Spring is always a triumphant new hope
Summer is the catalyst for my ambition
Fall flirts distractions with cunning colors
But these winters humble me to submission

So here comes my annual surrender
My seasonal dose of humility
And I confess I welcome being
Imprisoned in God's tranquility

Thank You God for forced rest
For consistent overwatch and control
You always know best just what I need
And you offer loving restoration for my soul

by Rik Goodell

© 2021. All rights reserved

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