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Ropin’ A Resolution

A Man’s Gotta ‘Do’
December 3, 2023
Let’s Ride
January 6, 2024

Ropin' A Resolution

I've been followin' You Jesus
For longer than two decades now
So I'm a solid believer
Though I don't always get the how

I purdy much know the details
Of how I'm supposed to live
Abide in Jesus all the time,
The Holy Spirit my heart give

Confessin' 'long with repentin'
Is required of we who believe
Prayin' reg'lar and forgivin'
Keeps us from plottin' to deceive

So here I am Lord on my knees
Confessin’ I’ve sure back-slid some
This year might be worse than the last
And it's got me feelin' right glum

Honest Lord, this past year I ain't
Exactly used Your best stance
Grateful You’re sendin' 'nuther year
To once again give me a chance

I have not shared Your word so much
Unless of course it's been real safe
Like in a group where You are known
Coward-like, with no risk of chafe 

I might have improved a lil’ bit
On the forgivin' others front
But that part 'bout lovin' like you
Ain't really my cup to be blunt

I'm gettin' a bit discouraged
This battle goes on every year
Sometimes it’s just two steps forward
Then three backslides into my fear

It ain’t as if I have not tried
I ‘spect you’ve got them tries tallied
But I'm missin’ most of my loops
Tricky sin I cain't get dallied

My long pursuit of you Jesus
Reminds me of that mustang paint
I’ve been after him a long time
I get close but catch him I cain’t

You show how much You love my soul
By offerin' this here new shot
So right now Jesus I'm askin'
Make me into the man You bought

It's just around the bend ahead
This new year You're bringin' to us
Most see the new year as hopeful
A fresh start will sure be a plus

So here I am to seek your face
To realign and start anew
I may have slipped and back-slid some
But this next year'll be 'bout You

Show me your better way Jesus
Put Satan far behind my view
It's my New Year's resolution
That each day I'll seek you anew

Teach me the way to right-heart Lord
I know that’s where actions begin
So if I’d just get my heart right
I’d commence to be less in sin

You know my bill of sins Jesus
More than I’ll ever want to list
I’ve confessed them so many times
I can't hide all the marks I've missed

But God, I pray to be improved
I resolve to in You abide
With You I can do this Father
A better year with no backslide

by Rik "Yonder" Goodell
© 2023. All rights reserved

Thank you Gregory Mayse for once again providing your excellent artwork to accompany my poetry. You've provided a number of fine art pieces to either inspire or flesh-out my rhyming stories. This one is another perfect fit to illustrate my story.

To see more of Mr. Mayse's work, visit his website:

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