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My Finest Poem So Far

Old Glory’s Story
May 3, 2021
Nocturnal Notions
May 17, 2021

My Finest Poem So Far

Well see, I started this here poem
But after writin’ fer a few weeks
I decided I’d been a bit windy
So I started in makin’ a few tweaks

I took out a stanza at the end
That was all about nuthin’ much
And then one at the beginnin’
That was just an intro an such

It still seemed a mite long
So I doctored her some more
Cuttin’ and whackin’ here and there
Tryin’ to shorten the score

After that I backed up a step
To try to get some perspective
Kinda shinin’ proud for
Havin’ the guts to edit elective

Upon closer examination
It still didn’t sound too right
So I studied on it a lot
Keepin’ me up all night

Come mornin’, fightin’ sleep
It suddenly became clear
The problem wasn’t long or short
But how it hit the ear

So I paced about the kitchen
Sufferin’ from sleep deprived
Only one droopy eye open
While for iambic meter I tried

I switched around the words
To where they made no sense
Figurin’ she might sound better
If they weren’t packed in so dense

Knew the thing next I
Beginning better to sound was it
Sumpin’ on to knowin’ I was
Better soundin’ don’t words fit

Coffee needed quick cuppa
Sleep from keep to fallin’
Finish to determined the poem
Before sleep done with callin’

Prospects now by excited
Suddenly awake was I
Burst new had energy of
For as the line finish I’d try

Were great things soundin’
They got the more jumbled
Shot a little in whisky coffee puttin’
Words more became mumbled

Penultimate is this the stanza
Finale for ready gettin big
Yet finish can’t first cuz
More one I need swig

Shakespeare over move
New poet make for the room
Longfellow has company
Thoreau's musta' borrowed plume

Mind in my no doubt so far
Finest this ever is the poem I writ
Done work with conscience clear
Finally can I off to bed flit

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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