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God’s Time, Not Mine

The Makin’ of a Dally-Man
May 9, 2024

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

God’s Time, Not Mine

Lots of folks ask why I am not
Married up and got me a man
As if it were their business
What is, and what is not, my plan

Truth is I'm in no big hurry
To rush on out and date 'em all
Just to have some man around
So I'll wait at home, okay y'all?

Oh I get noticed regular
It ain't like I never get asked
But here's the whole unbridled truth
Most ain't got their values held fast.

I find men lacking strength to stand
To step up when I need be backed
They mostly waffle hesitate
In a moment when they should act

Please don't take me like all snobby
I'm no better than most others
Men today just ain't like my Dad
And he's the kind for my druthers

So here's the short, honest answer
My Daddy is who you can blame
He gave me a tall example
Puttin' most today's men to shame

See, Daddy raised me with know-how
My heart has a good man defined
I ain't settlin' for any less
Than havin' those notions aligned

The man who hopes to rope my heart
Will own an old Bible some frayed
He'll be tender on the inside
The outside a tough hardened blade

My future husband has respect
For God, our country and for me
He will provide, protect and care
With a heart of humility

He'll be one to step up quickly
He will show up when there's a need
He'll stand up for what is proper
An ingrained part of his own creed

He's long tossed his boyhood passive
He acts now when the call comes out
He's courageous and a leader
But fesses up when wrong no doubt

This man that God is preparing
Will have protector DNA
He's out there scoutin' me right now
When found, I'll come to him and stay

His looks ain't near so important
So long as he's tidy and clean
A handsome man might turn my head
But a good man will make me queen

Here's what he can count on from me
Love, devotion and tender care
I'll faithfully follow his lead
Keep a calm home for us to share

My man someday when I find him
And there's no question that I will
Shall be sent in God's perfect time
Until that day I'll just be still

by Rik Goodell
© 2024 All rights reserved

This David Graham painting speaks to me of a solid, competent young lady.

To see more of this Montana artist's work, visit his website:


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