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Weather-Borne Wisdom

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April 29, 2024
Destiny’s Diary
May 1, 2024
I don’t think I am alone when it comes to wishing I was God. Oh I don’t do it consciously but when I ignore Him and try to make things go my way, against His will, that’s actually what I am doing. He is God. I am not. This poem is my reminder to myself of just Who I need to be daily riding with.
Weather-Borne Wisdom
After bein' chased home
By lightning bolts yesterday 
I got to thinkin' 'bout weather
And where it comes from anyway? 
So I lay in my bunk this mornin'
Thoughts driftin' here and there
When I set down on a thought
I wished were mine to bear

What if I controlled the weather?
My cattle would always eat green 
I'd never have to supplement 
Haybales would never be seen

I'd decree the ponds always
Full to purt near at the rim
That's the way I'd sure do it
Were I weather-boss 'stead'a Him
Why, I'd adjust the rainfall
To deliver exactly just right 
To only happen as needed
But never durin' daylight
There'd never be such scary things
As lightning to start a fire 
Daytime would always be sunny 
With lush grass to always admire 
Why doesn't God do like that?
Instead a causing fear to swarm?
Like He done to me last night 
During that fierce thunderstorm 
So I searched for some answers 
To this ancient proverbial query
Here's what I found in study
My Bible-borne, reminder theory 
Challenges make us grow
Exposing who we are down deep
They strengthen our integrity
And give us courage to keep
When we are scared or troubled
We turn to our God for aid
He is always here with us
That's how our trust us made
Our character builds stronger
When God ministers from above
Teaching us to serve others
By helping spread His love
I took a look at Paul's letters
Those written while in jail
In the midst of his trials
He shows us how to prevail
Lastly my heart went to Job
Makin' me repent of my pride
I'm grateful to weather-submit 
To my Jesus always at my side
Whoa up then ol’ cowboy
No more weather-boss dreamin’
Jesus rules the wind and sea
And I’m blessed by his redeemin’

by Rik Goodell
© 2024 All rights reserved

This painting is a grim reminder of our need to make the right choice.  We will either ride with Jesus or suffer eternal consequences.

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