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Jesus Roped a MaveRik

Creakin’ Bones
May 22, 2020
American Nightmare
July 31, 2020

Jesus Roped a MaveRik

There's but one undeniable thing
On God's big spacious earth
That drives my every motivation
It sets me for what I'm worth

She came to me a gift from God
He gave me is His precious daughter
She’s walkin’ proof He loves me
I’m truly saved by living water

My life had been a long dark trail
Never did see I was totally busted
By grace through faith alone
My Father is now wholly trusted

For decades I resisted Him
As He patiently waited and beckoned
I fought Him hook and slice
Faith was for the weak I reckoned

Who could really believe
Any far-fetched bible story?
Parting waters of Red and Jordan
Or raising the dead for His glory?

His outstretched hand never faltered
His loving promise never did roam
Despite my sins and rude defiance
My Jesus kept calling me home

Strugglin’ through my late fifties
Reckoned enough of tryin’ my ways
I fell to m’knees and come ‘round to
The utter failure of my sinin’ strays

It was slow and a might painful
When He got His rope on me
I bucked and snorted his lariat taut
Never a hypocrite would I be!

Some days I'd open the good book
I began gatherin’ with authentic men
Slowly I came to a bit of faith
Even did some prayin' now ‘n then

Cain't say when it happened
Mine weren't a sudden belief
But as time went on a while
I began feelin’ His forgivin’ relief

I started devourin' scripture
Ever' Sunday, church I attended
I asked God to kick open the gate
And forgive me for all I offended

Well it ain't been no easy ride
Fact is, it's been life's toughest trail
Changin' all them comfy, sinnin’ ways
Pert near ever’ day I wanna bail

But His mercy seems to be endless
His grace is a blessed salve
He applies it to my many mistakes
Lookee here now what I have

My beautiful bride is priceless
No way I ever earned such love
Each time I still stumble and falter
He reaches down from above

Knowin' how much He loves me
Knowin’ I did nothin' t' earn it
Grabs me right behind the makins’
How could I could ever spurn it?

My hat now hangs on the Cross
Knowin’ He’ll always be there
It’s where my Jesus bled and died
My black stained life to spare

Thank you Lord for your blood
For enduring such pain and strife
I can never earn this salvation
But I promise to love my wife

I’ll treat her with understanding
Remembering she’s a weaker vessel
I’ll do my best each hour you give me
As with the enemy I daily wrestle

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020

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