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American Nightmare

Jesus Roped a MaveRik
July 30, 2020
The Treasure State’s Allure
August 4, 2020

American Nightmare

Had me a nightmare last night.
In the future it took place.
There sat my sweet granddaughter
With questions on her face.

She wanted to know all about
My life when I was her age.
How were folks occupied?
Askin’, as if I was some sage.

After a long, deep breath,
While lookin’ into my heart,
I acknowledged that the truth
Is always the best place to start.

Well, ya see sweet Darlin’
It was different, times change.
We had something called freedom,
Ways that, to you'd seem strange.

Things like what Grandpa?
What wouldn't I know?
Well, we had choices ‘n fun
Folks gathered for stuff like rodeo.

Ohh! Sweetie, people would come
From miles and miles away.
They'd pack in tight on benches
To watch critters ‘n cowboys play.

What? Whoa, slow down Honey!
Ask one question at a time.
No, they weren't covered with masks
Closer'n six feet weren't no crime.

I grew up watchin’ movies in places
They called theaters with big screens.
And we worshipped God in churches
Back when in I was in my teens.

We had a recorded Bill of Rights,
In the 1700's it was written.
‘Protected our God-given freedoms
Not long after we left Great Britain.

There were ten of them amendments.
Freedom to gather was first to go,
Followed shortly by our right to speak
Loss of free beliefs was the hardest blow.

We might have held our ground,
Our precious freedoms still intact,
If folks hadn't been so passive
But instead had courage to act.

You'll likely never understand
The loss of liberty we've endured.
The gifts we so carelessly let go,
By blood of so many were procured.

I’m sorry I’m sounding so sad sayin’
Things you likely don’t wanna hear.
But it's important that you know of
These treasures once held so dear.

So lock this down inside your heart
And protect the memory with your life.
There once was a time where
Daily freedoms and joy were rife.

We worshiped God as we saw fit.
By hundreds we gathered to play.
We lost those choices through apathy.
I didn't stand up, it shames me to say.

Protect and defend with passion.
Be very mindful of every blessing.
So when your life draws near its close
You won't question or be guessing.

You'll rest easy in your last days
Knowing you never passed a chance;
That you lived a steady vigil
America’s precious values to advance.

Then you can smile quietly
As you go along your way
Knowing you defended the rights
Thousands with their lives did pay.

I awoke with a sudden start.
Sick and nauseous I did feel.
But, the fact of the matter is
That nightmare is purt near real.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2020

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