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A Belt For More’n Yer Britches

God Rides With Me
February 2, 2021
Ode to Harry Easton
February 12, 2021

A Belt for More'n Yer Britches

One cold winter morn I admitted
My ol’ hand tooled belt was weary.
More’n thirty years we’d held together.
But of its abidin' loyalty I was leery.

We’d seen some shinin’ times
And some we’d as soon forgot
Plus due to my agin’ and beerin’
Even the last hole was too taut.

My bride blesses me truth an’ thoughtful
When she spoke it weren’t no exception.
"Yessir, it’s tight, an’ tired alright
At least that's my honest perception".

Then she continued sweetly,
"It's Christmas Hunny Bunny
How 'bout gettin' a new one?
Go on, go spend the money."

Well, the white buckstitchin’ was bare
Brown leather showin’ through
An' I had orders from the boss.
What else was I to do?

I snatched up my computer
And set about goin' shoppin'.
I culled the first few belt makers
Not findin’ ‘em show-stoppin’.

I admit I'm a partic’lar sort
Visual and small detail carin'.
I also favor a family business
Their attentive handwork sharin'.

Then there it was on my screen,
The objective of my pursuit,
Belt builders in Dell, Montana
Just a bit east of Timber Butte.

Lone Tree Leather Works
Is the biz handle they bestow
But this here's a family story
Their goods ain't made just solo.

The proud family name is Briggs
Each one of ‘em Montana raised.
When I studied their whole outfit
I found myself surprised an’ amazed.

They do it all, from design an’ toolin’,
Each of ‘em helpin’ the others,
Paperwork, shippin’, carin’ an’ such
Mom, Dad, sister and her brothers.

And so I filled out my order,
Describing size, details and style.
Figuring this to be my last belt
I wanted it to show worthwhile.

John acknowledged the order
Sayin’ it’d be six weeks or more.
I smiled, ‘preciatin’ time for quality.
Cain’t rush fine work for shore.

It actually showed in a month;
A mere four weeks on the button.
I promptly filled my Wrangler loops
Started steppin’ around all struttin’.

My new belt is stunning.
Ain’t no other words to convey it.
Lovin’ fine leather and handmade
There’s just no way else to say it.

To keep from bein’ disappointed,
Since I’m not so easy to please,
I tend t’hold lower expectations
But this belt took me t’my knees.

There's a unique custom remarque,
It's my cattle brand, a smilin’ ‘G’,
Perfectly tooled on the tapered tip
My one-of-a-kind from Lone Tree

This art may belong in a museum,
Fine toolin’ from three artists born,
But, givin’ apologies to the Louvre
This treasured belt will be worn.

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

This poem was inspired by my belt from
Lone Tree Leather Works. Check out their work at

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