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Velvet, Sugar n’ Spice

January 18, 2023
Bringin’ In Bert
January 27, 2023

I came across an enchanting, compelling picture of a friend of mine with her favorite horse, Velvet. The relationship of bond, love and mutual trust shouted off the screen to me so distinctly, and was so inspiring, that I was obliged to ask for some details of the shared origins and history of the pair. From those details I rhymed together this fascinating story.  I've tried to capture their singular, sweet and strong connection.

Velvet Sugar 'n Spice

There are events, blessings or gifts
That are so unique, defining and rare
We call them, "Once in a lifetime"
Such is the fairy-tale story I'm here to share

Listen while I tell of a Texas twosome
Who came together by way of God's scheme
I'm talkin' a mustang filly from Wyoming
Who was about to become a teenager’s dream

They met at a Nacogdoches auction yard
Somewhere 'round about two-thousand eight
Though the horse was not the teen's first choice
She was God's plan for these two on that date

She was a wild mustang through and through
She bucked and snorted, fightin’ human regard
But bein' smart she knew her destiny 
Afore long, she began droppin' her guard

Together the pair grew, acing the tests
That life will bring along it's twisty course
Such then is this sweet, personal story
Of a resolute young lady and her wild horse

The mustang acquired her name of Velvet
Appearing unusually soft to touch
The “soft” that couldn’t be known at the time
Was that Velvet would love the girl so much

The yearling and fourteen year old girl
Both emerging adolescent misses
Had little clue what God had in store
As He began teaching what bonded-bliss is

Seems they were a well-matched pair of ladies
Startin' from scratch, trainer and trainee
Couplin’ their brains and their big hearts
Their potential was limitless seems to me

The girl had never trained a raw filly
But neither had the mustang been trained
So they were alike in bein' new at this
Movin’ forward was all that remained

The tie grew between horse and human
Mutual trust expanding as months went
The good days together were so rewarding
But the tough ones too were closely spent

Did you ever hear of liberty-work
A form of advanced horse training you can do?
It’s riding tack-free, no saddle or reins
It steps-up the bond; yep they do that too

Velvet's amazing love, it's hard to figure
That a black horse, a mare wild born
Would leave fresh, green pasture to come
Lie beside her grieving friend when she’d mourn

When people discover she's a mustang
One question is quite often put by
They wanna know if she is a “rescue”
“You bet! She rescued me”, is the girl’s reply

Neither would ever be physically big
By the standards we set, human or horse
But the instrument has yet to be made
That could measure their bond and it's force

A birthday present given half her life ago
Would become much more than a ride
The tight lipped mare, an equine confessor,
A comforter for the young lady to abide

They laugh rompin' and playin' together
The lady singing rehearsal with her friend
There is no barrier ‘tween these two
Every encounter seems another transcend

The girl's maidenhood passage was indeed
Greatly influenced by Velvet I’d guess
Despite mustangs being called dangerous
These two paired into a miracle success

Thus on her special, shiningest day
As the Mare of Honor Velvet carried the bride
Two best friends sharing the moment
When the lady’s wedding day had arrived

Velvet now stands in rodeo arenas
Kristyn singin' Star Spangled on her back
Long may they share the trails of their lives
Two rare ladies, this blonde and her black

Copyright Rik Goodell
© 2023. All rights reserved

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