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Grace Of The Draw

A Starpacker’s Lot
March 1, 2022
My Heavenly View
March 15, 2022
This poem seems so clearly self-explanatory that I am dumbfounded by every effort to write an introduction or an explanation about it. What was the inspiration? My Faith.

Grace of the Draw

Talkin' to a young bull rider
Who'd been coming on pretty strong
I wanted to share a bit with him
Help keep him from strayin' wrong

We spoke of an old saying in rodeo
Whether talking broncs or bulls
"It's just the luck of the draw"
Meanin' it's about which critter you pulls

You wanna stomp a bronc that's lively
Or go eight seconds on a bull that's rank
Get one that's a mite too docile
And your score'll just go in the tank

But there's more to bein' in the money
Than just linin' up with an athletic critter
It takes courage, fitness and experience
To keep that beast lined up with your sitter

Tossin' one hand high in the air
While the other's grippin' the girth
Keepin' your balance and raking yer spurs
For the longest eight seconds on earth

I talked some about the 'Good News'
Not havin' to take that ride alone
We can have a relationship with our maker
And be partnered by the King and His throne

Then we'll have a believer's edge
Though it's no guarantee we'll be winnin'
But if we ask, He'll be right there with us
When that devil-bull takes to spinnin'

Seein' He's the one who made us
And the One who made that snorty bull
He's got hold of the puppet strings
And he knows all about your handful

We must come to a time on our knees
When we’re willing to confess our flaw
Then let Him into our heart
So we can sign up for the 'grace-of-the-draw'

So in that ninth second,
When you've stuck that landing on the ground,
You can look up, point skyward
Givin' glory to your Jesus you've found

You may not be in the money
He doesn't guarantee an eight-second ride
But He's promised to not forsake you
Even ridin' on that snot-slinger's hide

Now you oughtn't go thinkin'
That's a champion buckle I'm wearing
No Sir, never had the chance
Truth is I never was that daring

But when it comes to life with Jesus Christ
I do know what I'm talkin' about
My drawin' Him for a new life-ride
Was gettin' a re-ride; a life bailout

The love he has for you and me
Ain't dependent on us lovin' Him back
But if you want His gift of salvation
You'll need to receive His inside track

Eternity in heaven's not about
Some wild eight seconds hanging on
Loose hand flopping ‘bout in the air
‘Til the horn blaring is gone

Oh, no doubt there will be rodeo
And the toughest critters to ride
It’ll be the 'Daddy of ‘em All' times infinity
With Jesus whoopin’ at your side

But the trail to His victory is narrow
There's but one way to that big buckle in the sky
And that's to saddle up with Jesus
So's we can ride heaven's grand entry by and by

by Rik Goodell

© 2022. All rights reserved

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