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So Long Missy

East Topeka Harley
July 6, 2021
Real Myths / Kind Cowboys
July 19, 2021
Missy was an exceptional dog. She was playful, affectionate and a spirited companion and had intelligence that was nothing short of amazing. She died 10 October 2019. Because of the emotional gash she left, only now have I been able to write about her.

So Long Missy

Had me a lot of dogs in my time
Some I liked better 'n others
Mostly shepherds and a few retrievers
I prefer females given my druthers

Them boy dogs are too much like me
Prone to wanderin' 'n strayin'
The girls though, ahh they're loyal
Right at your side they're stayin'

My favorite of all was a tri-color Aussie
Smarter'n most people I know
Anyplace that I went
She always wanted to go

Picked her up out in the desert
Sicker'n the proverbial you know what
Before long though she had recovered
Becomin' a right spry wiggleybutt

Her eyes were half again as big
As were normally found in her size
That plus her permanently cocked ear
Belied her being so wise

She loved all the usual stuff
Chasin' frisbees, balls or sticks
But bein' free in a field of tallgrass
Is where she really got her kicks

Weighin' in at less than fifty pounds
She was always kinda small
But her heart musta' been twenty-five
Seein' how she gave everything her all

She was my road trip buddy
We covered lotsa of miles as she got older
I'd almost forget she was there
'Til she'd sneak put her head on my shoulder

We had us a rare connection
That Little Misschief and I
She left a massive hole in my heart
When she had to up an' die

Bein' a touch over ten years
Seemed a way too early blow
But she burned up her life a Roman candle
Which, if you got to, is a real good way to go

So long my dear, friend Missy
You certainly gave more'n you gotten
I pray you're bouncin' in heavenly tall grass
And all your sufferings are forgotten

Keep watchin' for the treat bowl
I'll be bringin' when my life here is spent
It'll surely have extra crispy bacon
You can munch to your heart's content

By, Rik Goodell

© 2021

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