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Mörs Dag

Ridin’ Fence
April 3, 2023
Whistle Wranglin’
May 18, 2023
My mother was of 100% Swedish descent; Sigfredson on the maternal side and Olson via her father. Though born here in the USA, she spoke Swedish quite fluently and used it frequently with my grandmother when they did not want us kids to know what they were talking about. As I recall, it seems there was even more Swedish whispering going on around Christmas. We kids weren’t taught to speak Swedish; a fact that I wish had been otherwise. I’ve always suspected it was because my parents wanted me to ‘be American’ and speak English. I remember, as a kid, hearing people calling my mom, “Swede” as that had been her nickname. This Mother’s Day poem is dedicated to my beloved, unique mother who was born Lois Joan Olson.
Mörs Dag

What might we do with Mother's Day?
Of course it's a time to honor our mothers,
The ones who brought us to life,
But, how 'bout we go consider some others?

Five personal moms come to mind for me
As Mothers Day annually draws nigh
Each of them is a special love
And each can draw moisture to my eye

There's my own loving Mom of course
I called her Mör, a nod to her Swedish breed
She modeled I could achieve anything
If I would believe, I dangsure could succeed

Mör was born in Braham, Minnesota
As Lois Joan Olson in 1927
Her years were amazing and accomplished
Until in 2001 when she went to heaven

She took personal pride and ownership
Whenever I had me a win
And, like Jesus, was quick to forgive
On those too many occasions when I'd sin

Then there's my mother-in-law, Bev
She was a God-fearin', fun and spunky gal
I was told early-on to call her "Mom"
That weren't a request but a "you shall"

Those two ladies are gone now
Off enjoying their heaven's reward
I miss them both something fierce but
I'll see 'em again when I go join my Lord

The mothers of our grandchildren,
Each of them a unique woman indeed,
Are included on my Mother’s Day list
As they nurture the line of our breed

Joyfully there's my cherished best friend
She's my favorite person and my wife
She's the ultimate poster-gal for motherin'
When it comes to either of our sons' life

When Jesus called my mom home
I lost a mother's legendary love
She left a vacuum hole in my world but
Reckon God needed another mother up above

Still, I'm a sure-nuff grateful man
Somehow God loves me more'n I'm worth
As demonstrated by His giving me
My Audie, the finest wife here on earth

Happy mother's day my love
You truly are a treasure
Here's to you and our moms
Their gifts to us beyond measure

Seasons come and then they're gone
Unhindered, time gallops right along
We get these special ladies for a time
Best be lovin' on 'em 'fore they're gone

So thank you Jesus for mothers
And thank you too for the pain
That comes to us still abiding here
After our mothers no longer remain

For if there is Mother’s Day pain in our hearts
When Mom's not here to receive our card
It reminds us of our Mother's devotion
Depicted in her one-of-a-kind love and regard

by Rik Goodell

© 2023 All rights reserved


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